Automatic Standby Generators

Automatic standby generator.
Automatic standby generator.

Automatic Standby Generators in Broomall, PA

If the power goes out in your home for days at a time, will you have a backup plan? Many people end up having to leave home for long periods of time due to a power outage, and many more end up with damage to their properties. Sump pumps, heating systems, water heaters, and lights all require power to run, and a generator helps to keep them going.

Portable generators can restore power, but these typically don’t provide enough power to run all of the systems you need. They can be difficult to operate and they require refueling, but an automatic standby generator is much easier. When the power goes out in your home, the generator lives up to its name: it’s automatic! Call Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for more information about automatic standby generators in Broomall, PA.

How Automatic Standby Generators Work

An automatic standby generator uses a transfer switch to automatically convert the power from electricity to natural gas. The transfer switch is connected to your electrical wiring, so it can sense when there is no longer an electrical current running through your home.

While different generators run on different fuel sources, the easiest and most efficient fuel is natural gas. That way, there is no need to refill the supply, as natural gas is already available on most properties. Within seconds, the transfer switch transfers your home over to natural gas power, and it switches back when electricity is restored in your home.

Why We Prefer Automatic Standby Generators to Portable Generators

We always recommend automatic standby generators over their portable counterparts. Automatic standby generators are just easier. And while this type of system is an investment, it proves to be worth it with time.

  • No cords to fuss with. A portable generator can be difficult to manage, since you may need to hang power cords outside of the window or through cracks in the door. Setup is difficult when you don’t have any lights, but with an automatic generator, you don’t have to worry about any of this.
  • No need to get up. It may be dangerous to try to hook up your portable generator without any lighting. Don’t worry about tripping in the night trying to repower your appliances. Just wait for the transfer switch to work its magic.
  • No refueling. If you have an automatic standby generator that runs on natural gas, you never have to worry about adding fuel.
  • More power so you can carry on with your days. You cannot know with certainty whether a power outage will last only a few short hours or for several days at a time. Refuel the entire home so that you can carry on with all of your normal daily tasks.

Our Automatic Standby Generator Services in Broomall, PA

Automatic standby generators are powerful and durable, but they still require routine maintenance to run smoothly. Our technicians can provide annual or semi-annual maintenance services which include an inspection and a tune-up. We will make sure the transfer switch is in good condition, and that your system is adequately prepared for an outage. In addition, we will check the wire connections and terminals for corrosion and damage.

Call Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your generator service needs in Broomall, PA, or if you are considering a new generator installation. We provide prompt, professional work every time. "Integrity Before Profit!"

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