Zone Control Systems

Zone control service.
Zone control service.

Zone Control Systems in Broomall, PA

Central heating and cooling changed the way we understand home comfort in this country. Most homes have some sort of central heating or cooling system built into the house, which they can adjust from a centralized thermostat that is convenient and easier to use than ever before. With the newest thermostats, you can even make changes remotely with a Wi-Fi connection to the thermostat and an app on your smartphone.

There’s only one flaw to central heat and air conditioning. You cannot make adjustments to individual rooms of the home—unless you have a zone control system. Get zone heating and cooling in Broomall, PA, from the experts at Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us today to learn more about our installation process and to get a free estimate.

How Zone Heating and Cooling Is Installed

Zone heating and cooling installation is no simple task. Technicians must access your ductwork, which involves cutting into the sheet metal in carefully-planned zones of the home. Then, they insert dampers and a complex control system to manage it all.

Each damper, installed within the duct that leads to a certain room or zone, can be controlled with the central thermostat or a thermostat designated for that room. Raising or lowering the thermostat temperature opens or closes the damper to let air in or block air from coming through.

The Best Way to Zone a Home

Perhaps the most common zoning installation is one divided into two zones only: the upstairs and downstairs rooms. Often, it is difficult to get the downstairs rooms to reach your temperature preferences in the winter, since heat naturally rises. But this is one of the issues zoning can resolve. Other homeowners choose to have zoning for multiple rooms, so that anyone in the home can take control over the temperature in that room or zone of the house.

Ductless heating and air conditioning systems already have built–in zone control. Because a ductless heating and cooling system has multiple blower units with individual controls, you won’t need to worry about the best zone configuration for your home if you decide to go ductless.

Is Zoning Really Necessary in Broomall, PA?

Many of our customers benefit from dividing an HVAC system into various zones. Zoning an HVAC system allows homeowners to take control in more ways than they had imagined.

  • Eliminate arguments over the thermostat settings
  • Get better air distribution throughout the home
  • Maintain more consistent temperatures
  • Save energy by shutting off the air in unoccupied parts of the home

However, we understand that zone control is not for everyone. Smaller homes or large, open floor plans may not benefit at all. It is an investment in comfort for many homeowners, but we would never push for you to install a system that you did not want or need.

We also provide zone air conditioning and heating services in case a damper or thermostat quits working properly. Call Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your appointment. Gain control of your HVAC system in Broomall, PA.

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