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5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

bursted copper pipe with water leaking out, 3d illustrationThere are those times where your plumbing system is a little off, but nothing catastrophic is happening. During times like this, you might think that the problem isn’t dire enough for you to call a plumber—this is where you’d be making a mistake.

A lot of the time, homeowners think that anything that’s less severe than a disastrous plumbing needs is something they can handle. This isn’t the case. You’re more than justified calling a plumber even if there isn’t water spurting out of your walls turning your home into an indoor swimming pool. Call us if you’re having a problem that you can’t seem to get to the bottom of.

When to Call

We’re here to make things super simple for you on our team. Here are just a few reasons you should call a plumber in Media.

1. You Have Low Water Pressure

When you’re standing in the shower scrubbing up, do you feel like the water that’s pouring over you is a mere trickle? This isn’t a good sign. In fact, it’s a sign you have some real discord going on underneath the surface. If you want help with your plumbing system, you can find it with our team. We’ll clean your plumbing system and perform any necessary repair work to get your water flowing the right way.

2. Your Toilet Keeps Running

You flush your toilet and you come back hours later to that weird sound of water still moving in the bowl … what’s going on? Well, your toilet trouble might be due to a more complex reason than the handle not being turned to completion. Call us to get to the bottom of the problem.

3. You Have a Dripping Faucet

Your faucet drips all day and night long. You can’t get it to stop no matter what you do. What in the world is going on? Well, there could be a myriad of issues contributing to these problems. If you have a dripping faucet in your home, it’s not an annoying sound you want to ignore. Just make sure that you have professional care so you can knock out the problem ASAP.

4. Your Sink Won’t Drain

Are you noticing that you’ll wash your hands, walk away from your sink, come back, and there will still be a good amount of water there draining much later? This isn’t good. This is a sign that you’ve got something going on deeper in your drain. We’ll help you find it and fix it.

5. You Need Maintenance

Yes, you read that right! We know that this point is unlike the others, but we want to include it here to make sure you know. It’s always a great idea to call your plumber for professional maintenance work no matter what time of the year it is. Even if your plumbing system seems okay, we can assist you and help you keep it this way. Call us for the work you need.

Contact Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning when you want a great plumber in Media, PA. Our professionals put “Integrity Before Profit” every time.

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