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Signs Your Boiler Needs Help


A boiler is a reliable and effective heat source. But as with all heating appliances, there are times when something goes wrong. How can you tell if your boiler is having trouble and needs repair? Here are some of the things you might notice.

Cold Radiators

If your boiler is running, but in some parts of your home the radiators or baseboard heaters are cold, there is definitely a problem. The radiators or baseboard heaters should have hot water running through them, and if that’s not happening, there may be a problem with the manifold. This is the component responsible for directing the hot water through the system. Boiler repair in Drexel Hill, PA can resolve this problem.

Uneven Heating

If none of your piping has gone completely cold, but your home is not staying at an even temperature throughout, this is another sign that repairs are needed. One likely cause is the boiler’s circulator pump failing to keep the water at a consistent hot temperature. Another possibility, though, is that there is a leak somewhere in the system, so although the water is hot enough, there is not enough of it. This could mean water damage is occurring somewhere in your home that you haven’t spotted yet, so it’s important to address it immediately.


Boilers occasionally make a sound we call kettling. It’s like the sound of wildly boiling water in a super-hot tea kettle, only much larger. This sound can be alarming, and although you shouldn’t worry that your boiler is about to burst, you should shut it off and immediately call for repairs. The most likely cause of this noise is overheating, so it is a serious problem.

Bill Increases

Heating is expensive; there’s no way around that. But if your heating expenses are rising even if you’re not using the heat more, something is probably causing your boiler to be less efficient. Repairs can help, and your technician can talk with you about the age of your heater and whether replacement might be on the horizon. 


This one is probably obvious: if your boiler is sitting in a puddle, call for repairs!


As a boiler ages, corrosion can start to set in. The first place that this will occur is on the heat exchanger. If you see this, address it promptly. The heat exchanger can be replaced. But if you allow the corrosion to progress until it has contaminated the rest of the boiler, you’ll need to replace the whole thing. 

Avoiding Repairs

Once you have a problem, the repair cannot be avoided. Delaying repairs can cause problems to worsen, or even cause new problems to develop. But you can reduce the risk of problems, decrease the need for repairs, improve your boiler’s efficiency, and even help it keep running for longer. How? Make sure to schedule boiler maintenance every year. 

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