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Here’s How Sewer Video Inspection Services Help Your Home


In the past, plumbers had to work with a much more limited set of tools in order to locate, diagnose, and repair problems with plumbing systems. Often, extensive stretches of a home’s plumbing had to be disassembled in order for plumbers to see inside the pipes. Today, we have the benefit of modern technology to make our jobs—and our customers’ lives—much easier. One of the greatest innovations in modern plumbing is video sewer inspections.

With a video camera on a slim auger that fits easily into your pipes, today’s plumbers can see exactly what’s going on inside your plumbing. We’d like to share five major ways that this service can benefit you.

1: It’s Affordable

Compared to other plumbing services, which involve an array of tools and parts of your plumbing being disassembled, video sewer inspection in Springfield, PA is much lower in cost. This means that you can get the information you need about the state of your plumbing before you commit to spending any more money.

2: It’s Speedy

Once the process begins, you will be surprised and delighted to see how quickly it is completed. In a matter of minutes, the camera can be extended through your plumbing. And once the interior is seen, the camera is withdrawn, with no time spent reassembling any plumbing parts.

3: It’s Thorough

Rather than unscrewing a segment of pipe and taking a look inside just that, video sewer inspection can show you extensive areas in moments. This means that instead of solving just a known problem in a specific spot, your technician can assess other areas for contributing factors or potential developing issues.

4: The Process Is Transparent

Instead of having your plumber simply tell you what your problem is and having to take it on faith that they are right, you will be able to see exactly what they’re talking about. Ask your plumber to show you the video feed so you can see any cracks, clogs, roots breaking through your sewer pipe, or any other concerns they bring up. 

5: There’s No Risk

With the old methods, unscrewing and physically pulling apart all your pipes and joints, there was a lot of risk. Any time things are physically manipulated, leaks can develop, especially in old plumbing or in places where plumbing was haphazardly done. With video sewer inspection, these risks are eliminated. Nothing needs to be taken apart, so there’s no risk of damage to the system, even in an old house. 

In general, this service is an excellent approach to widespread or unknown plumbing issues, suspected leaks or sewer line breaks when the exact location is unclear, and many other problems. If you’re wondering if video sewer inspection would be a good choice for your home, we’d be happy to discuss your plumbing concerns and answer any questions you have. 

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