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time-service-clockAs someone who owns or manages a commercial property, there’s likely one problem that comes up more often than most. The plumbing system on a commercial property can be more intricate than the one in your home, so it’s no wonder you have to deal with clogs, leaks, and other problems so often. Some such problems are not so big of a deal: certain clogs just need a simple drain auger, and leaks may be fixed with the turn of a wrench.

Others, however, can shut down your business for a time or interfere with your ability to get things done. Sewage backup is one of the worst of the potential plumbing problems to plague a commercial property, while a burst pipe will cost far more to repair. Some of these problems, though, may be prevented if you get on a regular schedule with a local contractor.

Plumbers prevent potential safety issues

Commercial plumbers can help to prevent potential safety issues on your commercial property by doing a routine safety check once or twice a year.

First, something you may not know is that most plumbers are certified to work on gas piping. A plumber can check your gas connections, especially to the heater and water heater, and make sure gas flows properly into the system and vents properly as well.

They can also mark water shutoff valves so that everyone on the property can easily find them and shut off the water should something go seriously wrong. Plumbers can check pressure levels in your water heater and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Plumbers spot and prevent obvious leaks

Another reason to get regular service for your commercial property from a qualified plumber is that leaks can cause a major inconvenience for your business. Some properties rely on the plumbing system to make money, but proper plumbing is important even for a rental property or an office building.

Preventing leaks in the first place helps to save money and a pretty big headache. With regular maintenance, plumbers can inspect water heaters and all visible plumbing components for leaks. They can perform a dye test in the toilets, and make sure that all exposed piping is treated and insulated to prevent freezing.

Plumbers check and clear drains

Another potentially catastrophic issue with your plumbing is a clogged drain, especially if you run a commercial kitchen or if backup starts to come through and create a health hazard. Yikes!

Regular service allows plumbers time to inspect the drains before something goes wrong. Some plumbers will add a root treatment to the sewer line or a degreaser agent to the drains.

How you can schedule preventative service

If you own a commercial property in Broomall, be sure to sign up for a preventative maintenance program with our team. We offer programs that are customized for your property. For a set fee, you are given two tune-ups per year (also for your comfort systems), and you can feel confident that your systems are maintained and safe.

For commercial plumbing service in Broomall, PA, reach out to Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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