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Heat Pump Water Heaters
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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Broomall, PA

The traditional tank water heater has been the most popular water heater in homes for many years, but it may have met its match. The heat pump water heater uses an efficient method to save homeowners money on their monthly bills without sacrificing temperature accuracy and consistency.

And we install heat pump water heaters that can work efficiently for many years, perhaps even for decades. We deal some of the top brands in the industry, and we can give you a free estimate. We also offer financing options and warranties on all of our work.

If your water heater stops working, we can provide prompt repair—24 hours a day! And we can provide heat pump water heater maintenance services. Call Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for heat pump water heaters and more in Broomall, PA. We have provided excellent service for 40 years.

How a Heat Pump Water Heater Works

A heat pump water heater, also called a hybrid water heater or hybrid electric water heater, uses heat pump technology to bring heat into a tank. Instead of using combustion to heat up water in a tank, a heat pump uses refrigeration to absorb heat from the air in your home and move that heat into the tank.

A heat pump water heater is sometimes called a hybrid water heater. But this term can be used to describe a different kind of high–efficiency unit as well. A hybrid gas water heater combines tank and tankless technology to heat water instantly, and a hot water tank to ensure hot water is always available. Ask your contractor which is the right unit for your home!

Can a Heat Pump Water Heater Save You Money?

A heat pump water heater can save you a lot of money every month. The water heater may be responsible for about 18% of your total utility bill. Anything you can do to cut back on energy usage is helpful, and replacing an older water heater with a heat pump water heater may be the way to go.

This is particularly true if you are replacing an electric water heater. Electric resistance heating can be costly, due to the high cost of electricity. But a heat pump doesn’t generate heat; it only moves it around. And that’s a much more efficient and cost–effective process.

Heat Pump Water Heater Services in Broomall, PA

A heat pump water heater is efficient, durable, and long–lasting. Still, it can run into a lot of trouble. It’s important that you schedule routine maintenance for your water heater annually, just as you would for any heating system or major plumbing component. We offer heat pump water heater maintenance services that can help prevent corrosion and keep your system running as smoothly as possible.

We can replace your water heater as needed, but we will only recommend the best option for your home. Our technicians are not trained to do a "hard–sell," and we always put integrity before profit. You can trust you will have the best product for your home and budget.

Finally, we provide expert services for your heat pump water heater in the Broomall, PA area when you need them. We offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to work with a team that has provided excellent service for 40 years.