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Automatic Shut–Off Valves
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Automatic Shut–Off Valves in Broomall, PA

One of the worst problems anyone can face with their home is a major flood. When a pipe breaks or bursts, your home can start to flood quickly. When you work with our team to install innovative plumbing solutions, however, you will learn more about the value of shut-off valves around the home to stop the water from flowing as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes you just aren’t fast enough to control the flood yourself. That’s why our plumbers are at your service to install automatic shut-off valves for homeowners throughout the Broomall, PA area. Automatic shut-off valves ease your worries by automatically closing off the water pipes as soon as a leak is detected in your home. Contact our team today to work with our Broomall, PA plumbers!

Call Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, where our motto is always “Integrity Before Profit.” We want to make your home a safer, more convenient place for you and your family!

Automatic Shut–Off Valve Installation

Water leaks are likely to happen when you are away from the home—at work or on vacation and unable to notice a major plumbing problem. Water could quickly fill up your basement or another room of your home, and the results can be devastating:

  • Mold
  • Water Damage
  • Lost Items
  • Financial Trouble

That’s why we recommend an automatic shut–off valve. A sensor detects when water starts to leak from a pipe or from an appliance like a water heater. Then, a device automatically closes off the pipe so water cannot continue to leak.

Our plumbers will install this device in parts of your home where it makes the most sense. We would never try to sell you a shut–off valve if we didn’t think it was the best option for your family. Work with our team to see that you get the home protection you need!

Maintaining Your Emergency Shut–Off Valve

When our plumbers install your new automatic shut–off valve, they will perform a thorough inspection to make sure it’s working properly. However, that doesn’t mean that it will work perfectly forever. Like any other electronic device, an emergency water shut–off valve could fail over time.

If you notice that anything is wrong with your automatic shut–off valve, it’s important to call local plumbers ASAP. If you happen to notice an undetected leak or if your sensor gives off an alarm, we can be there promptly to repair or replace your shut–off valve in the Broomall, PA area.

We also recommend routine maintenance of your shut–off valve and of all of the components of your plumbing system. Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers a plumbing maintenance contract that includes two whole–house plumbing inspections per year. Call our friendly staff members for details!

Call Our Expert Plumbers in Broomall, PA

We don’t recommend that you attempt to install, repair, or replace an automatic shut–off valve on your own. Call expert plumbers to make sure the job is done right. You don’t want something as serious as a flooded basement to be left up to chance. Let qualified, licensed plumbers help you prevent structural damage, mold, and more. Call our team today to schedule plumbing services in Broomall, PA and the surrounding area. Our plumbers will help you find the best options for your home, and will provide the high-quality services you should expect.