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Grease Traps
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Grease Traps in Broomall, PA

A grease trap is an important fixture in any commercial kitchen. It helps to separate grease and oil from the public sewer system, protecting your building and the public. But it’s not exactly a part of your property you spend a lot of time thinking about. Let someone else handle your grease trap needs, so that you can keep it at the back of your mind.

Call Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, your local grease trap specialists in Broomall, PA. We handle sizing and installation, so you can be sure your grease trap will adequately catch the grease and oil that could cause trouble for your sewer lines and the public sewer systems. You can also call us for commercial plumbing maintenance or repairs, and trust that your grease trap is in good hands with a company that puts integrity before profit.

Why Do You Need a Grease Trap?

In most areas of the US, a grease trap is a required system for a commercial kitchen. If you don’t comply with local grease trap standards, you may end up with a major fine. And this is especially true if your kitchen is found to be responsible for damage to the public sewer system, or if it poses a public health risk due to backed up sewers.

In other words, a grease trap is a way to protect the public and to protect you from any legal responsibility. But also, it’s a way to manage waste on your commercial property and make sure that you don’t have a major sewer line clog that keeps you from using the most important plumbing systems on your property. Fats, oils, and grease are the fastest methods of clogging a drain, and you want to spend your time running a business, not worrying about potential drain and sewer clogs.

How Often Should You Clean the Grease Trap?

This number, as you might guess, can vary significantly. Overall, it depends on how much waste your kitchen produces on a weekly and monthly basis. If you run a commercial kitchen where cooking and cleaning are all–day tasks, you’ll need to pump the grease trap more frequently than many other businesses. However, a larger tank may help reduce the frequency of cleaning.

Consult a local plumber to find out for sure. Commercial grease trap specialists are experienced enough to know how much maintenance the typical grease trap in your area requires.

Our Grease Trap Installations and Services in Broomall, PA

If you have questions about grease trap installation or service in Broomall, PA, give us a call. We have helped local homes and businesses remain up–to–code for over 40 years. Our experts can show up 24–hours a day if you need them. Otherwise, we have convenient scheduling available for installation, repair, maintenance, and grease trap replacement.

Our master plumbers are honest and upfront, ensuring you have the right grease trap for your property—not the one that will produce the most profit. Local businesses know that they can trust Murphy's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for quality service, no matter what.