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Why You Should Never Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaner

PlumberWhen you’re in a plumbing pinch, the solution is never a store-bought drain cleaner. You might be surprised to hear this, but store-bought drain cleaners are actually a detriment to your plumbing system. We understand that you want quick relief when it comes to these problems, but if you need a drain cleaning in Springfield, PA, be sure to call our team. We can find quick, effective solutions for your home. You’ll never have to worry when you call on a professional plumber for any work in your home.

Why Not?

The first question we get from homeowners when we’re trying to deter them from using store-bought drain cleaners is “why?” When you walk down the aisle for chemical drain cleaners, you’ll see plenty of cheap options promising fast, effective, and permanent solutions. While these punchy logos might promise you the word, the reality is much more dismal. Drain cleaners like this are really hard on your drains. If you take a closer look at the bottle, you’ll notice the insistent instructions to use gloves and eyewear when pouring these chemicals down your drain. All the corrosive chemicals that are used to dissolve drain clogs can really end up damaging your pipes.

The problem with store-bought drain cleaners is that they don’t have an “off” button. So yes, a chemical drain cleaner will eat through all the grime and sludge in your pipe, but more often than not it will eat through your pipe too. There’s no quality control on a store-bought drain cleaner in the way that there is when you hire a professional technician to solve this problem for you.

This is especially true if the drain cleaner can’t work through the clog. When this happens, the chemical drain cleaner just sits on top of the clog eating away at the pipe surrounding it. There are way too many ways that your chemical drain cleaner can damage your system. The smartest thing to do is always to trust a professional.

Our Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Your drains deal with a lot of back-up, build, and grime throughout the years, and the holiday season is especially hard on your drain. If you want to make sure that you avoid any drain clogs schedule a drain and sewer cleaning with our team.

We use the best technology for your drains so that we can provide effective and minimally invasive services. We use hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is exactly what it sounds like, a hose is fed into your pipe and blast water at 360° to clean your pipe. The entire pipe is cleaned out without having to disrupt the flow of your pipe and without leaving behind any pesky residue that can lead to another potential clog.

We also use video camera inspection technology for clog clearing too. Video camera inspections are great because it allows us to make our work as precise as possible. It’s always the best tool to unclog a drain.

When you need effective means of drain cleaning, be sure to contact Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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