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Why You Need Drain Cleaning

electric-drain-augerDrain cleaning is something that few homeowners choose to be proactive about. Don’t wait until you have a clog on your hands to take care of your drain system. If you have your drains regularly cleaned by a professional, you can have a smooth operating home and less chance of a plumbing disaster in the near future. Here at Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning, we use the best technology and equipment for our Springfield, PA drain cleaning.  

Save Money

Scheduling routine, drain cleaning can actually save you money because you’ll prevent damaging and urgent plumbing issues in the future. Be sure to have a professional to perform your drain cleaning. It might be tempting to buy a drain cleaner, pour it down your sink, and consider this adequate maintenance but this would be a false assumption. The best way to keep your drains clear is to have the help of a professional.

One of our professionals can clean your drain and look for other signs of damage. We go beyond the auger and use the best plumbing technology like video camera inspections to ensure that we can see all the necessary parts of your drain while keeping your pipes intact.

Eliminate Odors

If you’ve ever had a clog or any drain issues, you’ll know that a common sign of a blockage is a foul odor. An unpleasant smell coming from the drain is most often due to food residue and grease washed down your drain and stuck. A persistent odor is often the reason people try to perform their drain cleaning themselves. To really get to the root of the issue and ensure that you are addressing the problem efficiently and that it won’t come back sooner after, get the help of a professional.

Keep Your Home Clean

You work hard to keep your home sanitary and neat. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. If you neglect your drains and they overflow, it can lead to unhealthy home conditions. Having your drains cleaned routinely will help you avoid backups and overflows.

Prevent Blockages

The most common draining problem is a blockage. It’s common to have a blockage if you don’t get your drains cleaned regularly because waste, hair, and food scraps are all going through your plumbing system without regulation. In addition to normal wear and tear on your system, other issues like hard water and growing tree roots can exacerbate blockages. The best way to ensure that things are always flowing smoothly get a regular checkup.

Our Team Can Help

Drain cleaning is of the utmost importance to your health, safety, and comfort. Regular drain cleaning can only lead to benefits for you, your home, and your family. Don’t continue to neglect this important plumbing service.

You can count on our technicians at Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning to keep your home comfortable and hygienic. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.


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