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Always Trust Professional Plumbers

professional-plumbing-repairsPlumbing is a fundamental part of our households, and trouble with your plumbing system will eventually crop up. It’s part and parcel of owning a home. Enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers may be tempted to engage in their own plumbing repairs, but in almost every case, that can be a huge mistake. Anything that can’t be solved by judicious use of a plunger should always be attended to by a trusted professional plumber. Why? There are a number of very good reasons.

Professionals Have Access to the Right Tools

Store-bought solutions to common plumbing problems like clogs are easy enough to purchase. The problem is they rarely address the problem the right way. Cleansers, snakes and other over-the-counter solutions often adopt a one-size-fits-all-solution, which means they imperfectly address a number of issues instead of correctly addressing your particular issue. For example, a cleanser bought to unclog a drain will likely leave parts of the clog intact, causing it to reform just a few weeks or months later.

Professional plumbers, on the other hand, have access to specialized tools like hydrojetting equipment and motorized snakes with rotating heads, designed to address the specific nature of each problem. Such tools are often prohibitively expensive to laymen, who usually don’t have need of them more than a tiny handful of times at the most. But plumbers, who deal with such issues on a daily basis, not only have access to such equipment, but possess the knowledge and experience to deal with them properly.

Professionals Have Training and Licensing

Plumbing is a skill, and proper licensing is required to practice it. That involves long hours of training as well as a great deal of experience on the job treating problems just like the one your system is experiencing. In part, that means the plumber can quickly and accurately identify the source of the trouble, and enact corrective measures that fix it the right way, instead of making educated guesses and hoping for the best. When you contact a plumber, you’re paying for that efficiency, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing the issue is fixed properly.

If Something Goes Wrong, You’re Covered

No one likes to think of the unexpected happening, and with professionals, the chances of something big going wrong are minimal. In the event that takes place, however, professionals are covered by insurance, so the homeowner isn’t on the hook. If you attempt repairs yourself and something goes wrong, however, you’re apt to make the problem worse. Then you’re still obligated to call in a professional, only now the bill is apt to be much larger than it might be otherwise. In the worst cases, you may even be looking at an injury, or the kind of damage the requires wholesale replacement of parts of your plumbing to fix.

If you encounter a problem with your plumbing, and your trusty plunger won’t fix it, shut the water off to the affected outlet and call in a trained plumbing service to fix the issue.

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