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Signs That You Need Repiping Services

pipes-blueprint-build-plumbingHomes aren’t exempt from aging. As your home gets older, the pipes running throughout it will too. It’s incredibly important for homeowners to take all the right precautions in their homes when it comes to their plumbing. Your pipes are very important to the overall quality and safety of your home.

It’s a harsh reality but most homes will need repiping services at some point. Homeowners often shy away from this reality because the prospect is daunting, expensive, and time-consuming. When you choose our team you can bypass all of these unpleasant aspects of the repiping process. Choose our professionals when you want great plumbing in Wayne, PA.  

It’s Time to Repipe If…

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you need to repipe your home. If you think it might be time for you to repipe make sure you watch out for these signs in your home.

  • Odd Water Color: Pay attention to the color of your water. You might think that a shift in the color would be really jarring, but in some cases, the color is so subtle that it flies under the radar. Watch out for water that looks a little dingy or rusty water that fades over time. If the color of your water is “off”, it can potentially cause health issues for you and other members of your family. Make sure you contact our team as soon as possible if this is a problem in your home.
  • Leaky Pipes: Are you always dealing with a leak in your home? This means that you might need to repipe. Watch out for leaks in your bathroom and kitchen walls especially. If you need a little help determining the weak points make sure you contact our professionals. We can survey the piping through your home, determine the weak points, and let you know if repiping is necessary for your home.
  • Constant Clogs: Frequent drain clogs are one of the biggest signs of a major piping issue. If you routinely attempt to alleviate your drain clogs through liquid drain cleaner, it’s time to call in a professionally trained plumber. Using a chemical drain cleaner is the worst way to handle a clog. The chemicals used in these drain cleaners are incredibly caustic and do more harm than good for your pipe. If you want to get rid of your pipe clogging problems once and for all it might be time for you to contact our team.
  • Low Water Pressure: Does your water pressure feel low even when you turn your sink or shower on to full blast? The problem stems from your pipes. If your pipes are a little bit older it’s likely that you have a considerable amount of mineral deposit coating the interior of your pipes. The thicker this lining gets the lower your water pressure becomes.

We can make your repiping job quick, efficient, and painless. Contact us to learn more about the repiping process today.

Repiping is a big job. Contact Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning when you’re ready to schedule an appointment with a responsible team.

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