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How Trenchless Technology Works


In Pennsylvania, winter is closing in. We’ll spend a lot of the coming months indoors, keeping cozy, thanks to modern heating technology. But outside, everything will freeze solid, including the ground that your sewer line is buried in. So what can plumbers do if there is a clog, a break, or some other problem with the sewer line that is hidden away beneath rock-solid frozen earth, sometimes six or more feet deep? This used to present a huge problem. Thankfully, things have changed a lot in recent years. Today, modern high-tech plumbers can provide trenchless water line replacement in Broomall, PA. Does it sound like a miracle? Here’s how it works. 

The Old Approach

In the past, a problem couldn’t be located or assessed without digging a trench to expose the sewer line. When the ground was frozen, this could easily mean multiple days of work, during which the problem hadn’t been solved and your home was still suffering with an unpleasant sewer situation. And it was worse in another way, too: it frequently meant you would have to pay multiple workers for their days of work, leaving you paying a high premium for a slow solution to your problem.

A Newer, Better Way

But today’s modern, high-tech plumbing professionals don’t need to struggle through all that. We can diagnose and locate the source of sewer troubles with speed and ease, saving you time and money on your plumbing problem. We can also avoid disturbing large swaths of your lawn so you won’t have major landscaping repairs on your hands come springtime. 

How It Works

There are two new technologies that make it possible to determine the exact location of a problem that exists in inaccessible pipes. The first is a seismic detector. Placed on the surface of a pipe, it senses and measures vibration. Because a disturbance in water flow changes the pressure and vibration in the pipe, the seismic detector can determine the distance to the disruption.

The second new technology is video. With a tiny camera at the end of a line, like something you’ve probably seen in spy movies, the modern high-tech plumber can actually see the inside of your sewer pipe to determine the location and extent of the problem. Then, when digging begins, there need only be a small hole in the precise location where the problem needs to be fixed—not a trench across your lawn exposing the whole sewer pipe.

So today’s homeowners don’t need to be so afraid of the possibility of a sewer break or clog in the dead of winter. Our team can use the latest in trenchless technology to make sure your plumbing is back up and running in a much shorter time, even when the January soil is as solid as granite.

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