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You Need Better IAQ If…

virus cells on a dark backgroundYour home comfort is dependent upon a few different factors. Today, we want to give attention to one that’s often overlooked—your indoor air quality.

When you think of the HVAC services in Drexel Hill, PA that affect your comfort, you probably think of things like your air conditioner and your heater. But the star of the show that you’re overlooking is your indoor air quality. Your IAQ is what’s really going to keep you comfortable in the long run. Make sure you’re taking it into account.

Today, let’s discuss some signs that your IAQ needs more…

The Signs That Your IAQ Is Lacking

Here are the ways that your home might be trying to tell you that your IAQ could be better…

Excess Dust

There’s a natural amount of dust in your home. This is to be expected. The real problem arises when the amount of dust that you’re facing seems unreasonable. You feel that you need to dust almost daily to keep your home looking pristine. If you skip too many days, it starts to look like your home was abandoned years ago. That’s a sign that your indoor air quality is lacking. The circulation is off and we can get it back on track.

Low Airflow

Low airflow might be a sign that your home’s ducts are backed up. This can happen if you go without the right indoor air quality care for years. Over time, your ducts can build up with all the debris that’s in your home. This includes things like dust, dust mites, dirt, lint, and other debris throughout your home. Don’t let low airflow make you alter the way that you run your home’s HVAC systems. Address it with the right care through the help of our team.


You’re just not as comfortable as you’d like to be. The biggest sign that this is an indoor air quality-specific issue rather than an HVAC issue is if this problem lasts throughout the year. If it plagues your air conditioning and heating system, it might be a sign that your indoor air quality is dragging you down. Don’t ignore discomfort.

Respiratory Issues

Does it feel like every single day is allergy season in your home? If you don’t have ongoing health issues that aren’t currently being addressed, then what’s making you cough might be your IAQ. Bad IAQ can make your home hard to live in.

Frequent Colds

Do you find yourself getting colds more often than you should? This can actually be due to poor indoor air quality. If you have an exceptionally dry home, then mucus membranes in your sinuses dry out, crack, and open your body up to viruses and bacteria. This leads to colds.

This is the same reason that people get colds more often during the winter. Dry weather can lead to a myriad of problems. Make sure that your home’s humidity is balanced so that you have a peaceful cold and flu season.

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