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How HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money

coin-piggy-bank-handThink of the last time you had to call in a technician to repair something in your home. Most likely, it was an urgent repair—a water heater that broke right before your morning shower or an air conditioner that stopped working on the hottest day of the year. This kind of repair is unquestionably a hassle, something that stops your day and inconveniences you, not to mention the surprise sudden drain on your finances.

Routine maintenance of your most important home systems can help to save you this money. In fact, you can save in more ways than one! Read on to learn more.

First, a Primer on Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance is not the service you schedule when your heating system or air conditioner completely breaks down. Rather, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) maintenance is a preventative service. Much like changing the oil in your car and checking fluids and tire pressure, HVAC maintenance helps to improve efficiency, performance, and safety for your heating and AC equipment.

We advise that you call in professionals for maintenance services due to the nature of the job. Simply put, no one without the proper training would be able to spot a problem or know what types of adjustments to make to the system. Although you pay for the service, what you get back will be worth it.

Here’s How You Save on Monthly Bills

The first way maintenance helps you save is by potentially reducing your monthly bills. The way to keep your bills as low as possible is by ensuring the system runs smoothly, and you cannot be certain it is until professional technicians take a look at the system.

As it turns out, systems that receive professional maintenance are often able to keep about 95% of their original efficiency throughout their lifespan. That means that you can expect the original energy and fuel efficiency of your system to last!

Lower monthly bills for longer is a main goal of maintenance, but so is detecting problems.

Here’s How You Save on Repairs

During a maintenance session, a technician will give a complete inspection of your heater. When they are done, you’ll receive a list of the condition of the system along with any parts that need to be repaired or replaced.

Yes, that means you’ll have to pay for those repairs. But it’s so much better to catch a repair sooner! The longer you wait, the worse a problem can get. You’ll spend more on an emergency repair for a completely broken-down system than you would spend right now fixing a part in the early stages of failure. (And once you do, your monthly bills will be reduced too!)

In addition, during a maintenance session, technicians should give a complete tune-up of the unit. That means making adjustments, tightening electrical connections, finding loose components, cleaning the burners, cleaning the coils of heat pumps, checking the filter, and completing other tasks that help reduce the chance of repairs—saving you money!

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