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When to Upgrade to a New Heating System

Is there trouble in paradise with your home’s heater? It’s not heating up your entire home the way you’re accustomed to, it’s making weird noises, and it’s draining your wallet too. The thing about HVAC services is that once you let one thing slide, things can quickly become an avalanche of issues. You need to address your home’s heating issues sooner than later.

When you’re ready to upgrade, you should consult our professionals for your Wayne, PA heating system. We’re here to help when the time comes. Please don’t delay getting started with this process. We’re happy to help!

“Should I Upgrade?”

This is the main question you have to confirm when you are thinking of upgrading to a new heating system. There are some telltale signs. We’re going to walk you through the most pressing issues today.

  • You’ve had your home’s heater for 10 years
  • You’re repairing your heater constantly (“constantly” looks like more than once every few years)
  • You’re never warm enough
  • You constantly have to monitor your home’s thermostat
  • You’re paying more than you ever have before for your home’s heater

                Bonus points if:

  • You haven’t changed anything about how you run your home’s heater
  • You’re not getting more heat
  • Your heating power has actually declined although you’re paying more

If you’re unsure of anything going on with your heating system, you can always consult a professional for personalized service. You might have something going on with your heater that we didn’t list above that is an issue with your home’s heater.

Choosing a New Unit

Once you realize that you need to upgrade, the next question is what system should you upgrade to? You’ve got options when you come to our team:


Furnaces are the most common heating system not only in Wayne, but also across the country. This is because they’re safe, reliable, and they even save you money. Finding the right furnace can be hard because there are so many models on the market.


Boilers are great systems if you’re looking for high-powered residential heating. Boilers are good if you want great heat in a place as cold as Wayne. You need to make sure that you have the right team to install it, and we’re the ones who can help you with this.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are great if you’re looking for specialized comfort. Sometimes, rooms in your house are naturally cooler or warmer than others. That’s why ductless systems are so great to handle natural heating imbalances.

Radiant Heating Systems

A lot of the time, “radiant heating systems” and “boilers” are two terms that are used interchangeably. The thing about radiant heating systems is that they can run on the same principles as a boiler, but they can use electricity as power. Radiant heating systems are even great to pair with a traditional furnace if you’re looking for in-floor heat. You can contact us to find out more.

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