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This Is When to Repair Your Heater

inside-of-furnaceThe troubling thing about having problems with your heater is that you might not know when it’s time to call for repairs. Yes, your heater might have trouble from time to time, but is what you’re currently experiencing worthy of a repair call? We’ll help you determine this. We specialize in heating repair in Springfield, PA because we understand how important this service is to keeping your home safe and warm this season. We pride ourselves on being able to serve our homeowners when they need us most. We want to make things easy for you. If you notice any of the signs that we list below occurring in your home, then it might be time for you to schedule an appointment with a professional. 

Your Heater Needs Help

Your heater can’t speak up and tell you when it needs repair work, but there are signs. If you’re noticing any of the following, then it’s time to get in contact with one of our professionals for the work you need. 

Discolored Burner Flame

If you’re ever having trouble with your home’s heater and you can’t pinpoint any troubling symptoms, you might want to head over and look at your furnace’s flame. If your furnace is working well, you’re going to notice a bright blue steady flame. Anything else is an issue. If you see a yellow, red, or orange flame, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us.

Lots of Dust

Dust can actually be a sign that your home’s heater is struggling. Lots of dust typically indicates a problem with your heater’s cycling. If you let this go on for the entire season, you’ll notice higher heating bills and lower heating capacity. 

Short Cycling

Are you noticing that your heater has short cycles? You’ll notice this if your heater turns on, starts to run for a short amount of time, stops, and then begins again shortly after. Short cycling isn’t something you should ignore even if you feel like it’s not causing immediate problems. This is an issue that will have direct consequences later. 

Odd Sounds

Are there some odd sounds that you hear when your heater runs? You might notice some squeaking sounds, rattling, scraping, or any other sounds that cause you to wonder. If you don’t relate to any of the specific sounds that we’ve listed, then it’s important to remember that any sound that’s new, loud, or persistent is a problem. Note the sounds you’re hearing and when you hear them and then contact a professional.


Are you warm enough at home and are you comfortable? If you’re having trouble getting warm, this definitely indicates a real issue going on with your heater. Your heater should be able to handle the capacity needs of your home. If it can’t, then it’s a great idea to get in touch with our professionals for the right care.

The same goes for other signs of discomfort. Do you have dry hair, brittle nails, and dehydrated skin? This might be the cause of a heater operating inefficiently. 

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