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What That Weird Heating Noise Means

Last week we talked about odd heating scents, but this week, we’d like to take some time to discuss odd heating noises. Both of these problems can happen to any heating system that goes awry. If you notice that you’re having heating problems, then you should definitely schedule an appointment with our team members. We specialize in heating repair in Media, PA.

Don’t ignore the noise you’re hearing. If you notice that there’s a weird heating noise going on, take note of it and contact us about it. We know that we’re in the midst of the heating season here, but we’re going to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible so that you’re back to a warm home ASAP.

Odd Heating Noises

These are the noises that we want you to watch out for as time goes on:


You’ve waltzed over to your thermostat, dialed it up to a toasty temperature, and then found your perfect position on the couch. Your new favorite show isn’t going to binge itself!

Just when the plot is really getting good, you’re interrupted by loud banging noises. Banging isn’t really a sound that you want to take lightly. This is more than likely the sound of your ignition process going all wrong within your heater. If you hear this sound, it’s important to note when you’re hearing it and tell a professional as soon as possible.


The quiet of your home is often interrupted by the loud sound of metal scraping upon metal. If the sound of scraping is severe enough, you might even mistake it for the sound of grinding. No matter what’s going on, you should take note of it and get in touch with our professionals as soon as possible. Scraping is a bad sign.

What you’re hearing is the sound of a part gone rouge scraping on another part of your home. This isn’t something you should settle for. We can fix this for you.


Squeaking or squealing noises are a terrible sign. We know that this sound is annoying, but for the most part, you could assume that it’s coming from the sound of parts that lack lubrication. This really isn’t the case.

What’s more than likely actually happening in your home is that your home’s blower fan motor is under a little distress. You’re hearing the sound of a worn-down fan belt. You could also be hearing a misaligned part. Squeaking or even squealing is something that can easily be resolved.


Your furnace likes to whistle as it works. This isn’t something that should be happening when you’ve got a machine that’s supposed to work on a routine basis. If you hear whistling, you’re hearing the sound of your furnace working way too hard. Your furnace is overcompensating for clogs or restricted airflow.

If this is a sound you’re dealing with, you should start off with changing your filter. If the sound persists, you should definitely contact a professional.

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