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Take Note of These 5 Furnace Problems

hand-drawing-check-box-on-a-white-backgroundYour home’s furnace is a focal point of your house during the winter season. This means that you should know the signs that your furnace is struggling before it starts to happen. You’re running your furnace more often than you were before now—it’s heating prime time. Yes, you had your heater on this fall, but you weren’t relying on it heavily like you are now. If you need heating repair in Springfield, PA, then schedule an appointment with our professionals.

You don’t want to let a furnace problem go unchecked. Letting something slip through your fingers during this time of the year means you’ll run the risk of a furnace breakdown.

Watch Out for These Issues

These are furnace problems you should watch out for this winter:

1. You’re Not Comfortable

You’re really struggling to get warm so far this winter. You have to run your heater in ways that you’re just not used to. You’re running your heater more often than you’d like to, you’re toying with your thermostat more than ever before, and you’re just plain frustrated.

Honestly, you should never have to put this much elbow grease into heating up your home. If this is the case, then you need to turn to heating professionals for furnace services.

2. Your Burner Flame Isn’t Blue

This is one that homeowners don’t often see because … let’s face it, how often are you getting inside your furnace to stare at the burner flame? We want you to do this today, though. Your burner should be a bright, steady blue. If you notice that the burner is a different color like red, orange, or even yellow, then your heater is struggling.

3. A Dry or Dusty Home

A home that’s dry or dusty typically feels this way because the heater is sucking the life out of the house. Your home can become dry or dusty when your heater isn’t performing well. Don’t ignore this problem. It’s going to lead to decreased indoor air quality and poor heating over time.

4. Bad Furnace Smells

Your furnace is starting to smell a little off. If you notice burning smells, musty odors, or something just a bit odd, then you should definitely get in contact with a heating professional.

Your furnace is a gas combustion system. This means that carbon monoxide poisoning is a possibility if your furnace starts to smell like rotten eggs. Bad furnace smells should be one of those signs that make you leap up and head to your computer or phone. Don’t let this problem drag out.

5. High Heating Bills

Your heating bills are rising and you’re not actually sure what’s going on. The year 2020 has been different, so you’re spending more time at home than ever. This means you’re running your heater more often too. Of course, this means that you’re using your heater more often than you were before. This doesn’t mean that your heating bills should be drastically different though.

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