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Should I Replace My Furnace Before Next Winter?

FurnaceNow may seem like a pretty odd time to talk about furnaces, with summer just getting started. However, if you think you may need to have a new furnace installed in your home before winter starts again, now is the perfect time. You don’t want to wait until right before the winter season to start looking for a new furnace.

You’ll be under pressure to get everything done quickly, and it’ll be harder to get things done in a timely manner if you’re trying to schedule heating service at the same time as everyone else. Have a look at some of the signs that you may need a new furnace installed in your home, so you can have it done now and not have to worry about it later.

Unusually High Monthly Bills

If your furnace is costing more to operate each month than you think it should, it might be because you’re due for a new one. Like most systems, furnaces wear down and lose efficiency the older they get. As the system gets towards the end of its life, the wear and tear will cause enough efficiency loss that the furnace will have to operate for longer periods of time in order to accomplish normal temperature changes. You may not notice this at first, but you will likely notice the spike it causes in your monthly heating bills. Unfortunately, the only way to resolve this is to replace the entire system.

Constant Repair Issues

No matter how careful you are with things like preventive maintenance, you will likely need to have your furnace repaired by a professional at some point over the years. That’s not unusual. What should cause concern, though, is if your furnace is breaking down on a regular basis. If the system needs to be repaired multiple times a year, it’s a sign that the system is in need of replacement. The wear and tear on the various parts of the furnace is causing multiple parts of the system to fail in groups. You can continue paying to repair the system if you want, but it won’t extend its life by that much and you’ll just be wasting money. It’s better to replace the system entirely now than to wait for it to permanently break down before doing so.

Old Age

The average furnace can be expected to operate for around 10-15 years before running into serious issues. Past that point, it will begin to accumulate a steadily growing list of chronic issues that will make it less cost-effective to maintain. The longer the system is used after that age range, the more costly it’s going to become to keep running. If your furnace is older than 15, we highly recommend that you talk to a professional about installing a new system. You’ll be much better off in the long run if you replace it now, rather than wait for it to break down.

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