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Getting to the Bottom of That Odd Heating Sound

Your home’s heater will never work in complete silence. In fact, a heater is likely one of those welcome sounds that you hear in the background of your home. When a cold morning comes around, the sound of your heater clicking on followed by warm air rushing through the vents is probably a sound that you greet with a sigh of relief. But when the sounds you hear start to get out of hand, it’s time for you to consider heater repair in Springfield, PA

You must hire professionals to repair your heater. It’s the only way to ensure work that’s safe and accurate. Our team members will make it all easy for you. We know what you need and we make sure to perform the best heating work around. We’re ready to work for you as well. 

What’s That Sound?

And what does that sound mean? If you can’t figure it out, our professionals can get to the source. 


If you’re one of the many people who choose a furnace to power your home, then one of the troubling noises you might notice is thumping. Thumping is an issue you’re sure to notice right away because it’s such a noticeable and troublesome sound. If you notice loud, banging noises, the problem might be an issue with your home’s burners or furnace ignition. There might be problems with this part of the system and our professionals can get this back on track.


Clicking is a noise you might hear when you’re having electric problems with your home’s heater. If you’ve already tried to address this problem with the thermostat itself, then we suggest handing things over to a professional. The clicking sound might be a deeper issue somewhere within your heating system. Our professionals will find the source of the issue and solve the problem for you.


Screeching is a noise that’s worthy of stopping everything and contacting a professional for. Screeching is such an issue because it’s literally the sound of your parts wearing down. When there’s excess friction wearing down your parts, you’re going to notice an increase of problems with your home’s heater. Don’t ignore an uptick in a need for repair work. We’ll solve the issue for you.


Does your home’s heater hum when it operates? If your heater is buzzing or creating a low, steady hum, then you might have a problem with your blower fan motor. Your blower fan motor is one of the most important parts of your heater. It’s in charge of circulating all the warm air in your home. Without it, you’re not going to be able to get the warmth you need at home. 


This is a sound you might hear when your ducts are expanding due to a change in temperature. If the pop becomes loud or persistent, it’s time to repair the heater before the problem ends in a system breakdown. 

Contact Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We always put “Integrity Before Profit.”

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