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Your Furnace Needs Help If…

Your furnace becomes the star player in your home when the weather cools down. This is the time of year where you’re going to rely on this unit more than ever. If you’re starting to notice that your furnace can’t provide the service you’re looking for this season, then it might be time to schedule an appointment for furnace repair in Drexel Hill, PA

The problem with furnace issues is that you might run into some and not realize that you need work right away. If you’re suspicious that your furnace needs professional care, then you’ve found the right blog. These are the signs that you should invest in furnace service from our team members. 

You Should Call for Furnace Care When…

Here are the signs that you need a professional to work on your furnace. 

Irregular Cycling

This is where we want to underline the problem of “short cycling.” Short cycling is when your heater turns on, runs for a short amount of time, stops short, and then begins again shortly afterward. Short cycling is one of those problems that you might just consider an oddity and overlook. In reality, it’s a huge efficiency issue that will hurt your heater. The opposite problem is also an issue. Long cycles mean that your heater doesn’t have the right capacity to fully heat your home.

Changes in Airflow

Has the airflow changed in your home? A change in airflow typically means that you’re going to notice a dropoff in your home’s heating power. You might not even notice a reduction in airflow at the source. Instead, what you might notice is trouble getting your home to heat up, stay warm, or perform at the level you’re used to. All these problems are signs that you should rely on a professional to improve your home service. We’re available to help you with everything you need.

Weird Sounds

Your heater isn’t going to be silent, but it shouldn’t make too much noise either. Are you wondering what’s considered “too much?” Pretty much anything that is new, loud, or persistent is something you should consider odd. While loud noises are a problem on their own, they’re definitely an early sign of heating trouble. Make sure you address any issue as soon as possible.

Unpleasant Odors

If you turn on the heater and notice that your home starts to smell terrible, then it’s definitely time to get in touch with one of our professionals. Unpleasant odors are a clear sign that you’re dealing with problems with your coil or a moisture imbalance somewhere in your heating system. We’ll help you figure out the source and solve the problem as soon as possible.


One thing that you should never notice from your heater is a leak. If you’re looking at the unit itself and you see any type of liquid escaping, then it’s time to schedule an appointment for repair work. Leaks are always bad news. If you see any type of puddle, water leak, or leak of a different substance, call our professionals. 

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