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Why Energy Efficiency Matters in a Heating Installation

coin-piggy-bank-handShopping for, say, a bottle of mustard or a roll of paper towels often means finding the least expensive brand available. Shopping for something like a car, though, means spending time comparing your options and finding something with the right fuel efficiency, space, and design. We think shopping for a new heating installation should be more like shopping for a car than finding the right cleaning sponge—but many people don’t treat it this way.

Your home heating system is something you want to last and to perform the way you need it. This means focusing in on energy efficiency (along with some other important features). As you shop around, pay attention to the energy efficiency rating of the heating systems you encounter. Not convinced? We show why this is so vital to the process here.

Think of the Savings

Energy-efficient heating systems help to conserve resources, but what you’ll notice most is the savings that result. Energy efficient heating systems are designed with more efficient heat exchangers, so that less heat is released around the area of the heating system and more comes directly through the vents in your home. That means less run time for your heater and better energy and fuel costs, something that’s important during a Pennsylvania winter.

It Could Offset the Initial Price

You may already realize that energy-efficient heating systems save energy and fuel, but the initial price doesn’t seem worth it to you. The good news is that high-efficiency heating systems could, with time, actually offset the extra cost of purchasing.

So, yes, you’ll pay more on installation, but over the years, the hundreds of dollars you save cancel that price out, and then some. In fact, we’ve heard of people on payment plans for new systems finding that their total monthly payment plus the cost of energy and fuel is lower than what they were paying before!

You’ll Notice Better System Performance

Energy efficiency does not mean reduced performance. In fact, the opposite is true. Energy-efficient heaters don’t save energy because you use them less, but because heat is more effectively delivered directly into the home. This means briefer run times from your system and, ultimately, a home that stays warmer for longer.

High-Efficiency Systems Often Have Additional Benefits

In fact, many high-efficiency furnaces come with additional benefits for your home. Variable speed blowers, for example, run at a lower speed at times to help to keep temperatures within only about 1 or 2 degrees of the thermostat temperatures (while conventional systems can let temperatures drop as much as 4° or 5°F before finally turning back on). In addition, this fan lets the system operate quietly!

Other features include dual-stage heating, which allows for a reduced flame when temperatures only need to go up a little bit. Again, this helps to keep temperatures more accurate. It also prevents wear and tear on the ignition system that could lead to an early system replacement otherwise.

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