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Why Chemical Cleaners Aren’t a Substitute for Professional Drain Cleaning


Is that darn sink clogged again? You’ll have to get it unplugged somehow. Wait, don’t reach for that bottle of liquid drain cleaner! Why not, you ask? We’ll tell you exactly why not. Better yet, we’ll tell you exactly what you should do instead. Here’s how to avoid ever using that bottled stuff again, and how to live a peaceful, clog-free life in the future.

What’s Wrong with Liquid Drain Cleaner

The stuff in the bottle with a miraculous picture of a dissolving blockage on it is an extremely caustic chemical. Caustic means it is so far to the alkaline end of the pH scale that it can burn and dissolve biological matter … like the stuff you’re made of.

In fact, it’s more caustic and dangerous than bleach or oven cleaner. The liquid will burn any part of you it touches, and even the fumes can cause eye irritation and respiratory distress. It can corrode and roughen the inside of your pipes, so even if it does dissolve your current clog, new buildup will have a much easier surface to cling to, meaning that clogs will happen faster. And as you can tell by the plastic bottle it comes in, there are things it can’t dissolve. If your blockage occurred because of something plastic slipping down the drain, such as a bottle cap, toothbrush, or child’s toy, chemical cleaners won’t do anything about it.

Home Options to Try Instead

Quick, sharp thrusts with a clean sink plunger (ten bucks or less at the hardware store) might dislodge your clog with no chemicals necessary. If not, a disposable plastic drain snake or hand-cranked auger might be able to break up or pull out the blockage. But if these methods fail, don’t reach for chemicals, reach out for professional drain cleaning in Wayne, PA

The Professional Touch

A qualified plumber not only has experience dealing with clogs every day, they have access to tools beyond what you can find at the hardware store. A motorized auger can do a much more thorough job than the hand-cranked variety. There’s even an amazing tool called a hydro jetting machine, which dislodges blockages with a spray of high-pressure water. And no chemicals are necessary. If there’s any struggle to find the source of your plumbing problem, high-tech video pipe inspection can save the day. Just like the tiny spy cameras you see in the movies, a video camera is inserted directly into your pipes to show your plumber exactly what’s going on in there.

An Ounce of Prevention

If you regularly experience drain clogs, you know just how unpleasant they are and how they always seem to happen at the worst possible time—like when you have guests. Is it possible to live a clog-free life? Yes! Having professional drain cleaning done preventatively, as part of your routine home maintenance, will clear away any buildup before actual clogs have a chance to form. One visit a year from a qualified plumber with a hydro jetting machine can mean saying goodbye to clogged sinks and slow drains forever. 

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