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When to Call a Plumber for Drain Cleaning


Almost everyone has dealt with a clogged drain from time to time, so you almost definitely understand just what a bother that can be. Sometimes it’s easy enough to fix on your own. Sometimes a clogged drain is more of a challenge, and you might need professional help. Here’s how to know when it’s time to call a plumber.

Ways to Unclog Your Own Drain

If you have a single clogged drain, there are two methods you can use to address it yourself. The first is a sink plunger which should be held vertically with some water around it and thrust repeatedly downward.

The second is a drain snake, which comes in a cheap plastic variety or a hand-cranked metal version. Either might do the trick. But if you can’t manage to dislodge the clog on your own, it’s time for a plumber.

Don’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaner

The chemical concoctions sold as drain cleaners are not a good choice. They are highly caustic and can burn your skin and the fumes can irritate your eyes and cause respiratory distress. They also damage the interior of your pipes, leaving them with a rough texture that’ll make them more likely to accumulate food grease or soap scum, leading to faster clogs in the future.

Serious Drain Concerns

If you have multiple drains that clog or are very slow in your home, one drain that clogs quite frequently, foul odors arising from your drains, or soggy patches or areas of particularly lush green grass in your yard, you may have a more widespread issue.

In these cases, it’s not the plumbing in one spot that’s the problem. It might be as serious as a clog or break in your sewer pipe, which carries all the wastewater away from your home. Nothing you do about one particular sink or shower will resolve these issues. You need drain cleaning services in Broomall, PA.

How Professionals Clean Drains

While plumbers do often use a motorized drain auger, which is like a superpowered version of a drain snake, there is something even more amazing that can be done for serious or widespread drain issues. Hydro jetting uses a machine to pressurize water and send it down a long line, all the way to your sewer pipe, which is then slowly withdrawn, cleaning everything along its path.

With no chemicals whatsoever, all buildup and clogs will be removed. Another great piece of technology might sound like something out of a spy movie: tiny video cameras at the end of long lines which can be inserted into your drains. If there’s damage such as roots breaking into and clogging your sewer pipe, the exact location and extent of the damage can be clearly seen, making repairs much more straightforward.

Hydro jetting can even be done as part of regular household maintenance, ensuring that you never get enough buildup to cause serious clogs again.

If you have concerns about your drains or want to know more about your drain-cleaning options, we’d love to hear from you.

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