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Some of the Tools and Methods Professionals Use for Drain Cleaning


Clogged drains are frustratingly common. Despite how widespread this issue is, there are disappointingly few reasonable approaches for homeowners to address drain clogs.

Luckily, that doesn’t leave you stuck with your clogs. Professional plumbers have some amazing ways of dislodging clogs from drains and even clearing away all the buildup that could lead to future clogs. Here are some of the cool tools and techniques a plumber can use to resolve your drain complaints.

A Word of Warning

When we mentioned the reasonable ways homeowners might be able to clear up a drain clog, what we meant was sink plungers and drain snakes. Liquid drain cleaner, despite the name, is not a reasonable choice. These extremely caustic concoctions cause chemical burns when they touch skin and eye and respiratory irritation when the fumes waft up toward you. They even corrode the inside of your pipes, leaving a coarse texture that future buildup will have an even easier time clinging to, making clogs develop more quickly. Don’t do it! If sink plungers and drain snakes don’t do the trick, it’s time for drain cleaning services in Broomall, PA.

Motorized Drain Augers

Your home drain snake might be the sort that’s like a plastic strip with tiny bristles, perfect for snagging shower-drain clogs made mostly of hair. Or it might be a metal one that has a hand crank to send it twisting into the plumbing. A motorized drain auger is like the hand-cranked version but larger and much more powerful. It can grab, dislodge, or break up clogs much more effectively than any tool you have at home and is often all that a plumber needs in order to resolve a clogged or slow drain and restore your plumbing to a functional state. But what if the motorized drain auger doesn’t manage to do the trick?

Video Pipe Inspection

Sometimes, the real underlying cause of your slow or clogged drain is somewhere far enough within the drain system that it’s hard to tell exactly where it is in order to properly target it with a drain auger or other tools. That’s where video pipe inspection comes in. No longer just for spy movies, a tiny camera at the end of a long line is now the tool of plumbing professionals! When it’s inserted into your drain, your plumber can use real-time video to pinpoint the exact location and composition of your culprit.

Hydro Jetting

When drain clogs are hard to reach by other methods or when they’re a symptom of a bigger problem deeper in your drainage system or sewer pipe, it’s time for hydro jetting. Your plumber will use a machine to pressurize water and send it through a long line inserted all the way into your drainage system. As the plumber pulls the line out, everything from grease and soap scum to mineral scaling and, yes, your stubborn clog, will be washed away with no need for any chemicals—just the cleansing power of water.

Now that you know about the safe, effective ways that professional plumbers can resolve your clogged or slow drains, there’s no need to tolerate the problem any longer or use alarming chemicals to try to fix it.

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