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Professional Drain Cleaning vs. Home Solutions

electric-drain-augerDo-it-yourself work is great when you want to save money, and it often turns out to be easier and cheaper than you realized. Painting the inside of your home, adding a tile backsplash to the kitchen, or fixing a squeaky door are all admirable projects to take on. But there are also those projects that are simply best when left to a professional, such as fixing a busted computer, replacing an air conditioner, or doing major plumbing work.

Of course, plumbing problems may not always require a plumber’s help. Something as simple as a drain clog, for example, may seem best as a DIY project. But is this always the case? We compare at-home solutions to professional drain cleaning in the guide below.

Home Plungers vs. Professional Tools

Most homes have a plunger in the bathroom. We will start by saying that a plunger is the ideal solution for most clogs near the drain opening. It may require a bit of work, but once you maintain a tight seal in the drain opening and keep constant pressure both up and down, you should be able to loosen most smaller clogs (although it may take a couple of dozen tries). Make sure you have a plunger with an extra cup attachment for the toilet as well as a standard sink plunger in your home.

In fact, if you call a plumber for a clogged toilet, a plunger may be the first thing they try. (They don’t want to waste your time if there is a quick solution!) However, it’s possible that you’ll need more powerful equipment than this. Plungers have tools to break up a clog, as you’ll see in the guide below. However, if you want to save on service, always go for the plunger first!

Home Drain Augers vs. Pro Drain Snakes

You might already own a drain snake with a small crank to get down into the drain opening. But if you’ve ever used it, you know it can be difficult to latch onto a clog. They often flail after reaching a stuck point, and it’s difficult or impossible to crank the auger down any further.

Plumbers’ drain augers are nothing like the ones you buy at the local home goods store. They are built tough and can work through any clog. Many are even motorized! Most importantly, your plumber knows how to safely and properly use the drain auger for any clog removal, which may make your plumber a much better option for your next clog.

Chemical Cleaners vs. Hydro Jetting

Let’s be clear: no plumber would ever use chemical drain cleaning products for their own drain. These are highly toxic, they work poorly, and they can actually damage the inside of the pipes!

Instead, plumbers rely on hydro-jetting equipment, which is essentially a high-pressure water hose. It blasts water into your drain pipes, completely scouring the lining of the pipes and removing grease and debris. This not only clears an existing clog but may prevent future clogs from forming! This is a highly effective process that is much safer for the drains.

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