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Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Must Be Fast

A commercial air cocommercial-air-cndtioningnditioning system has to do much more than a simple residential system does. And when trouble comes, it rarely comes at a good time. A reliable professional air conditioning service is vital during such times, especially in the summer when our weather becomes so hot. Not only must your service understand the specifics of commercial air conditioning, but they need to move very quickly in order to do the job. While a residence may be able to sit tight for a day or two and wait for repairs, commercial systems have no such luxury.

Time Is Money

If you’re a business owner or an office manager, you have plenty on your plate without having to worry about the air conditioner. And yet, the air conditioner needs to function as needed or else you could suddenly find yourself in a great deal of trouble. A loss of air conditioning for even a few hours can be devastating to your business. How?

  • Lost Customers. No one wants to spend any time in a business that isn’t comfortable, and with the air conditioner gone, yours will start to resemble a hothouse extremely quickly. Casual customers will stay away in droves and more formal office visitors will be left with a negative impression: hurting your business tremendously. A loss of air conditioning for even a day can cost you untold amounts of money in lost revenue, and the situation will only get worse the longer it goes on.
  • Employee Productivity. No one likes to work in hot conditions, and without air conditioning your workers are apt to become quite grumpy. Even if they can work, productivity will likely suffer and while sending them home for the day is an option, that again constitutes lost productivity.
  • Damage to Inventory. Heat can be devastating to perishable goods and similar products being held at your business. That can include things being stored, but also components like computers, which react badly to the heat. If you’re not careful, you could lose thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, to say nothing of the data stored on your computer systems.

How Proper Service Can Help

A good commercial HVAC service understands how serious these issues can be, which is why they can move quickly and do a good job without wasting your time. Emergency services can be performed anytime, day or night, which lets the problem be addressed as soon as is humanly possible. More importantly, such services can work on weekends or after hours, when no one is around and the repairs can be conducted without disrupting your regular business. In the event the situation can’t wait, a good repair team will determine the most expedient way to solve the problem, then do their jobs without disrupting your normal pace of doing business.

If you own a business or manage an office space in Haverford, PA and your commercial air conditioner runs into trouble, trust the team that will move quickly and do the job right. Call on Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning every time!

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