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“Zone” Your Home Without the Hassle

So you’ve probably heard of zone controlled heating and cooling. It’s the best way to get convenience and energy-efficiency in your home. The only problem is that zone control systems are somewhat of a hassle to retrofit. Zone control systems are amazing if you have this system implemented in your home during construction.

So what do you do when you want the benefits of zone controlled heating without the hassle? You turn to a ductless mini split system. Ductless mini splits systems are a great method of cooling for your home. These systems also boast a long list of other benefits. If you need air conditioning service in Media, PA then it’s time to contact our team.

Zone Control vs. Ductless Mini Splits

Let’s get a couple of details ironed out here. We don’t want to conflate a zone control system and a ductless mini split—they are different.

A zone control system is a comfort system that divides your home into different regions with different temperature controls. We can split your home into logical, high-impact areas. If you’re always stuffy in your upstairs bedrooms but freezing in your downstairs dining room, we can separate these areas from each other so you can either heating or cool them accordingly. Zone control systems can typically have up to 5 different zones.

A ductless mini split eliminates the cumbersome process of retrofitting a zone control system in your home. Zone control systems typically work with a central air conditioning system. Ductless mini splits heat and cool from the same unit because they’re a heat pump. They use individual, autonomous air handlers placed strategically throughout your home. These types of system are great for comfort control year-round but they’re perfect for summer here in Pennsylvania. If you need to sleep in a freezing cool room while another member of your family prefers to stay warm you can both have your preferred temperature. These types of systems eliminate energy waste and bickering among several people under one roof.

The Benefits of a Ductless System

Let’s get into the explicit advantages of a zone control system.

  • Convenience: You won’t have to deconstruct your home to install dampers in your ductwork that way you would with a traditional zone control system.
  • Comfort: As we mentioned above, you won’t ever have to fight over the temperature of your thermostat temperature ever again. You can all have your own ductless mini split system that’s in charge of cooling or heating your own individual space.
  • Energy-Efficiency: When you want to cool off with a traditional central air conditioner you’re going to have to cool off your entire home. Sometimes this is just unnecessary. Other areas of your home might naturally run a little bit cooler than others. It’s also much easier to efficiently cool one section of your home rather than the entire space. This boost in energy efficiency will help you save a lot of money in your home as well—an energy-efficient system is a cost-effective system.

Ready to upgrade to a ductless system? Contact Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment.

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