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What to Do When Your AC Gives You Grief

air-conditioning-repairSummer is almost here. Soon the kids will be out for vacation, you’ll be firing up the grill for family gatherings, and socializing late underneath clear skies. While spring and summer are both exciting times of the year, there is a little housekeeping you need to do to make sure you can be cool at home. This starts with a quick check-in with your home’s air conditioning system.

If you start to notice that your AC system isn’t running properly or it’s giving you trouble, then we suggest investing in AC repair in Delaware County, PA. We’re the team of professionals who can make sure that you’re back on track in no time and that you have proper cooling all summer long. 

What AC Problems Qualify as Grief? 

In the title, we describe certain air conditioning problems as “giving you grief,” but what does this mean, and what air conditioning problems fall under this category? Any air conditioning problem that’s odd or is causing you discomfort is something we consider to “give you grief.” Here are a few common ones that we see during this time of year.

Odd Run Times

Have you noticed that your air conditioner seems to run in odd cycles? This isn’t something you should note and leave to resolve itself on its own. This is a real issue with your air conditioner’s performance and if you leave it unresolved, it’s likely that it will worsen with time. Short cycling or a system that runs in incredibly long cycles is terrible for an AC’s efficiency. 

Loud Noises

Your air conditioner is going to make some amount of noise. You might notice a clicking sound upon start-up or a clicking sound as it powers down. Any loud or alarming noises are an issue though. Make sure you note things like banging, rattling, or scraping and have a professional handle these problems as soon as possible. 

Weird Scents

Does your home emit a musty scent whenever the air conditioner runs? This is bad news. It’s a clear sign that there is some level of build-up on the air conditioner’s coils. You should consult with one of our professionals to solve the problems as soon as possible. 

Low Output

If you have to run your air conditioner for longer periods of time and at lower temperatures, then you might be suffering from low AC system output. This can be due to failing parts in your air conditioner. Our professionals can find the source of them and solve the issue. 

What to Do

No matter what problem above is causing issues in your home, it’s important to have a professional solve the problem. We’re a team that can handle your repair needs because we’re experienced, local professionals. We understand how to get to the bottom of the issue fast and with ease. After we identify the issue, we can provide you with quality repair work. Remember that estimates are free with us as well! We strive to give you quality work every time. 

Contact Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Integrity Before Profit. 

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