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Ways Your AC Is Crying Out for Help

Air-conditioner-in-need-of-repairMany people cannot imagine a life without air conditioning in Broomall, PA. The city gets pretty hot during summers, and the last few years have seen some of the hottest weathers in known history.

That is why it is important to keep a check on your AC and deal with trouble as quickly as possible. Most air conditioners do not shut down for no reason. They will give you signs of trouble and cry out for help before they stop working. If you can pick up these signs, you can get it fixed before that happens.

Watch Out For…

In this blog, we look at some obvious signs of trouble that you should look out for. Stay vigilant for the following…

Weird Noises

If you hear any unfamiliar sounds from your AC that weren’t common before, it can be due to problems under the surface. For example, if you hear banging or metallic rattling sounds from the AC, they could be due to parts becoming loose inside the unit.

If you hear screeching sounds they are possible due to a workout fan belt or build-up of high pressure in the compressor unit. Normally, this should not happen and you should get in touch with a professional immediately to get it fixed.

Funny Odors

You will not always detect trouble in your AC through sounds. If you get a weird new smell—something like burnt rubber or metal coming from AC—it could mean that the wiring is going bad.

If you get a musty, earthly smell from the AC then that might mean that it is growing mold and microbial organisms inside. A good, thorough cleaning from a professional can help fix this and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Leakages and Spills

Leakages and spills are also signs of problems with the AC. This can happen due to clogging inside the pipes or small tears. 

In some cases, the refrigerant inside the AC can start leaking out and create a puddle. Keep in mind that the refrigerant liquid is highly toxic and you should try to avoid contact with it. If you see liquid spills or stains near the AC, call a professional AC technician to fix the problem for you.

Poor Air Flow

Another sign of trouble with your AC is poor airflow. If the air coming out of the system is warm or humid, it could be due to an issue with the blower motor or a faulty fan motor control board. Airflow problems can also be caused due to compressor issues.

Listen to Your AC

If you detect one of these signs, it is highly advised to stop using the AC so that you can prevent the problem from getting worse. 

The next thing you should do is to call an experienced AC technician to come and check it out and fix the problem. This will ensure that you continue to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted air conditioning in Broomall, PA.

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