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Uncommon Air Conditioner Repairs You Might Run Into


While some air conditioner problems are ordinary, everyday situations, others can be surprisingly unusual. Though we get a lot of experience fixing broken fans, repairing coils when refrigerant has been leaking, and tracking down the cause of low airflow, we’re still ready to take on any AC problem you have, no matter how strange it may be. So if you have an odd AC issue, never fear, we’re ready to help. Here are some especially strange ones. If they happen to you, reach out to us.

Surprising Moisture Issues

Air conditioners are not dehumidifiers, but there are some distinct similarities, and an air conditioner will pull some moisture from the air in the form of condensation. As long as this is on the evaporator coils, and not excessive, it will be collected in the condensate pan and released outside through a drain. However, particularly high humidity in the home can result in condensation being more widespread or abundant than the system is meant to cope with. This can result in water damage in and around the indoor AC unit.

One of the strangest things that can happen is with a ductless system, which has air handlers mounted on the walls to conduct the cooled air out into the living space. If moisture builds up behind those air handlers, they can begin to peel off the wall! 

While the air handlers themselves can be repaired, the humidity problem will also need to be addressed to ensure that the situation does not repeat.

Concrete Slab Concerns

Chances are, if you have a central AC unit or a heat pump, the outdoor unit is sitting on a concrete slab. It’s there to keep the unit level, to stabilize it and prevent vibrations from causing too much shaking, and to evenly distribute the weight of the unit so that it doesn’t sink into the ground.

On rare occasions, the slab itself begins to sink into the ground! Sometimes the ground becomes softer because of wet weather, and sometimes the condensate drain causes the soil near the slab to erode. To avoid damaging or separating the connections with the indoor unit, it’s important for the outdoor unit to stay at the same height. Also, if the slab sinks more to one side than another, the unit can begin to leak oil, leaving the compressor with insufficient oil. Running in this condition can ruin the compressor, which is the most critical (and most expensive) component of an AC.

As disastrous as this may seem, it is fixable. If the slab cannot be stabilized, you may need a new slab, but as long as it’s addressed with prompt air conditioner repair in Delaware County, PA, your air conditioner can be saved.

Wildlife Concerns

The outdoor unit is a warm and sheltered place, and once in a while, critters decide that it’s a perfect spot for them to build a nest or hive. Obstructions to the outdoor unit can cause diminished AC function, and they’re usually from overgrown plants or debris. But rodents, bees, wasps, or even snakes are occasionally the cause.

If you see nests or animals in your outdoor AC unit, don’t panic! While the pests themselves may require an exterminator, we’re happy to help assess the situation and get your air conditioner back up and running smoothly for you.

No matter how odd your AC issue is, we’ve got your back.

Reach out to Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. It’s always “Integrity Before Profit.”

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