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How Your Thermostat Makes All the Difference

studio shot of modern thermostatWhen you’re thinking about your air conditioning in Media, PA, what do you think of?

We’re sure you think of your vents, the actual venting system tucked away into the skeleton of your home, and we’re sure you think of your home’s outdoor unit too. But do you think of your thermostat? This is one area of a homeowner’s HVAC system that seems to go unnoticed and unappreciated. We want you to know that your thermostat is incredibly important. We’re here to talk about it with you today. If you haven’t given your thermostat the time and attention it needs in the past, everything is about to change today.

Your Thermostat: The Brain of Your AC

We like to draw a comparison between the human body and a home’s air conditioning system when we’re explaining the process to our homeowners. In this analogy, we liken the home’s vents to the body’s circulatory system, the air conditioning compressor to the heart, and the thermostat to the brain.

Some homeowners are shocked to hear this thermostat comparison—”wouldn’t the outdoor unit be more like the brain?” It might seem like the outdoor unit is the epicenter of all the air conditioning action, but the thermostat is what gets the ball rolling.

The thermostat is in charge of sensing the temperature in a room and switching the air conditioner on when you need it most. It sends a signal to the air conditioner that sets the entire process in motion.

If you’ve ever had a faulty thermostat then you know that this is the absolute worst. It can feel like you’re pleading with your home’s air conditioner to get the right work done. You need to stay on top of your home’s thermostat. If you haven’t paid attention to it in a while, we want you to give it some attention today.

Let’s Upgrade

What does your thermostat look like? Go ahead, take a glance over at it on the wall there. Is it a faceless white hunk of plastic? If the answer to this question is “yes,” then you’re overdue for a thermostat replacement.

There are new thermostats on the market. Yes, your thermostat might be the one that you’re used to, but we can guarantee that it’s not giving you quality service. New thermostats (namely Wi-Fi and smart thermostats) make getting the energy-efficient and effective air conditioning service that you need a reality.

The days of sliding a dial and just hoping that the temperature is set to 73° are over. All the time you spent waiting in a hot home while you’re thermostat kicks your AC on are gone too. Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are precise, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Smart thermostats take it to the next level by being intuitive. They can help you get more from your air conditioner by suggesting eco-friendly and energy-efficient temperatures. These units work for you. Come to our professionals when you’re ready to upgrade. We work with the best brands around.

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