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Set Your Sights on Your AC

We’ve finally reached the finish line of winter and we’re gearing up for spring! This means that you need to begin thinking about your air conditioning system if you haven’t already. We’re not going to leave you alone in this process.  At our company, we always pride ourselves on being helpful experts. This means that you can come to us for everything you need whether that’s service or just knowledge.

Schedule an appointment for your AC maintenance in Broomall, PA. We can provide you with the service that your home really requires. You can’t go wrong with our professionals. We only pride top-quality work.

How to Get Ready for Warm Weather

Getting your air conditioner ready for spring and summer isn’t hard. In fact, the bulk of the work is in our capable hands. All you need to do is pick pi the phone to schedule an appointment:

1. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

If you talk to any HVAC professional in Broomall for more than a few minutes, we’re sure that you’re going to hear them boast the benefits of maintenance. This isn’t a selling point—professionals tell you this because it’s really true.

We find that homeowners think of maintenance as one of those unnecessary steps. A lot of people take an “If it isn’t broken why fix it?” attitude toward their HVAC and plumbing services. The thing about HVAC and plumbing is that an ounce of prevention is better than an ounce of cure when it comes to these services.

Think about it—would you rather schedule a simple appointment this spring and knock out all your air conditioning needs at once or would you rather find out your air conditioner has failed you in the middle of a holy, sweaty Broomall July day? We’d bet that you’d like to go with the former. If that’s the case, call our professionals today to get on our calendar and to learn more about our maintenance plan.

2. Change Your Filter

If you haven’t changed the filter in your home’s air conditioning system, you’re really doing your home a disservice. The air filter in your home’s air conditioning system has nothing to do with your indoor air quality, instead, it’s in charge of keeping your air conditioner clean and at the ready to perform.  If you’re not changing your filter regularly you’re hurting your AC. Take this as your sign to swap it out today.

3. Give Your IAQ Some Extra Love

Your indoor air quality can hurt your air conditioning if it’s not properly taken care of. You don’t want a bunch of extraneous contaminants floating around your space. If you don’t clean your air, you’re only creating a great obstacle for your air conditioning system. We can help you get the right systems in place to help your home.

Call us for the air conditioning work that you need. We always give conscientious and customized service. Our motto is “Integrity Before Profit” and it’s evident and all the work we perform.

Contact Murphy’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for your AC needs.

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