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How to Get Lower AC Bills

ac-unit-moneySummer is right around the corner and we know what you want: a cool summer that doesn’t cost you too much.

This is well within your reach. If you’re looking for lower air conditioning bills, then we’re more than ready to help make this your reality. Even if your air conditioning bills aren’t out of control, you have options if you want to lower them. We can help improve your air conditioning in Wayne, PA so you pay less each month on your electric bills.

How to Lower AC Bills

Here are a few things you can do to lower those AC bills in your home.

1. Insulate and Upgrade

It’s important to insulate your home and upgrade fixtures where necessary. If you have windows, doors, or any other entry point in your home that isn’t properly sealed, you’re losing out because you’re allowing heat into the home. This means the AC is less efficient and you’re less comfortable.

Now is the time to make sure that your home is properly sealed. This way, you’ll fix any problems you’re having before we reach the height of the summer heat.

2. Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Up to Par

If you currently have the same thermostat that you’ve had since you got your AC, then you’re due for an upgrade. Thermostats should be upgraded on the same cycle that you’d upgrade your HVAC system. Digital thermostats are great, but you should have your sights set on smart/Wi-Fi thermostats. Consult with a professional to make sure that the thermostat you choose is right for your HVAC system.

3. Use a Ceiling Fan If You Have One

If you have a ceiling fan, we want you to use it this summer as much as you can. Don’t just use it in the evenings when things have cooled down. Use it during the height of the day in tandem with your air conditioner. This way, you’ll cool down a lot faster and use your AC less. Becoming less reliant on your air conditioner helps to lower electric bills: a fan only uses a fraction of the electricity that a central AC does.

4. Reduce the Amount of Sunlight Coming In

When the afternoon rolls around, it would be wise for you to close your curtains and blinds. Letting in natural light during the day can be a mood booster, but it makes the process of cooling the home harder. Closing up the windows and blinds during the height of the day helps combat these issues.

5. Always Arrange for Maintenance

Summer is on the horizon, but we’re not so far out that it’s too late to have your air conditioner tuned up. Preparation makes all the difference when it comes to your HVAC services. If you’re looking for an easy summer with no unexpected bumps along the road, then it’s time to call us. Air conditioning maintenance primes your air conditioning system and helps you get the performance you want from it.

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