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Here’s Why You Should Handle Your AC Repairs ASAP

two-technicians-repairing-an-air-conditionerAhhh, fall. There might not be many more very hot days that require air conditioning left this season. It will soon be time to have your furnace serviced, trade your screens for storm windows, and keep the air conditioner off completely for months. But perhaps you have a nagging concern about that air conditioner. Maybe it’s making an odd noise, cycling on and off too rapidly, or not giving you quite as much cool air as it used to. Considering the season, it might be tempting to put off repairs until next spring. 

Delaying AC repairs can have some pretty unpleasant consequences, though. Here are some of the reasons why you should schedule that repair promptly instead of putting it off.

Small Problems Can Get Bigger

Maybe that odd noise is just a loose screw or valve, or a fan that’s slightly off-kilter. You imagine that it will be fine for a while, and you keep running your air conditioner during the hot days of early autumn. But what if that loose component comes apart completely? What if, in doing so, it damages another part of the unit? This is only one of the many ways that a small problem, left unaddressed, can turn into a larger and more expensive repair. It could even leave you with a nonfunctional air conditioner during one of those hot autumn days.

Inefficiency Costs Money

An air conditioner that isn’t working well is inefficient. Perhaps it’s not blowing as much cool air—so you adjust the thermostat, trying to cool yourself down enough. Or perhaps its internal components are working so hard to do their job that they’re wasting energy in constant start-up cycles. This has a significant cost, and your energy bill is money down the drain: you don’t get any more comfort from paying that extra cost. It would be wiser to spend that money ensuring that your air conditioner works efficiently.

Waiting Until Spring Could Spell Trouble

If you ignore the problems your air conditioner is struggling with, get through the last of the warm weather, and turn the AC off for the season, you might think you’ll have plenty of time to address your concerns before the weather gets hot again. But it might not be as easy as you think. For one thing, weather is unpredictable. It’s always possible that unseasonably hot days will strike before you thought you needed your air conditioner to be up and running. And scheduling repairs in the spring could be a bit tricky. After all, that’s the season when everyone is trying to schedule HVAC repair in Folsom, PA or have a new air conditioner installed before the season truly heats up. It would be wiser to beat the rush and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your home will be ready for whatever the weather brings. 

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