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Change Your Home’s Air Filter Each Month!

technician-change-filterHere’s one bit of information you should, hopefully, already know: your air conditioning and heating systems use a filter. You may also know that the air filter helps to keep allergens and germs under control. Finally, you have likely heard that you should change the air filter regularly.

Even if you have heard that final statement, though, that it is important to replace the filter, it may be a task you feel comfortable putting off. After all, you may not feel like allergies are much of a problem in your household, and it seems like an unnecessary expense to many.

We want to help you understand what exactly your air filter does, and why it’s really so important to replace it. While we care about your health, you might not realize that better air quality is only a small portion of your filter’s job.

Here’s how a filter protects your air conditioner

The air filter was originally designed as a way to protect the air conditioner from damage. Your air conditioner has a fan in the indoor unit, which is responsible for moving air into the home. In doing so, it also sucks in warm air from around the home through the register near the air conditioner.

Without a filter, any dust and debris in the air could get sucked in along with the air. That could damage the fan, a motor, or some other portion of your system. The filter blocks dust (and many allergens) from getting through, if it’s in good condition.

Here’s what happens when it gets too dirty

As you can see above, the air filter creates a permeable barrier between your home’s air and the air conditioning or heating system. However, when it’s blocked up with dirt and debris, air cannot get through as it is supposed to. That means less air gets to the rooms in your home, which keeps you less comfortable.

But it can also cause a lot of problems for your air conditioner. The system is designed to take in a set amount of warm airflow from around the house, so when it can’t…

  • The indoor coil can freeze due to a lack of airflow.
  • Your fan and AC system can become overworked, as can the compressor.
  • Your monthly bills are likely to go up.

It’s easy to manage your air filter

Changing the air filter is no difficult task. If you have a disposable filter (as most homes do), you’ll need to replace it every 1-3 months. Otherwise, reusable filters need to be cleaned every couple of months.

The filter is located near the air conditioner, which may mean it is underneath the system at a register on the ceiling. Replacing the filter is simple: just find one of the same size (and don’t choose one with an efficiency rating that’s higher than your system is rated for).

Reusable filters can be simple to clean. You only need to remove the filter and spray it down with a hose in most cases. However, you must make sure it dries completely before restoring it.

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