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5 AC Sounds You Never Want to Hear

Air-conditioner-in-need-of-repairSummer is pretty much here now. We know that the weather might not reflect this just yet, but you know like we know that warm weather has a way of sneaking up on you here. If you haven’t already fired on your air conditioning system to beat the heat while lounging around at home, we know that this in your near future. We want to get you prepared for when this time comes.

If you find yourself running into some weird air conditioning sound this summer, we’re here to decipher them for you. Make sure that you come to us for all the work that you need this year. We can handle the air conditioning problems that you’re having quickly and efficiently because we’re the AC experts in Broomall, PA.

AC Signs to Watch Out For

All these sounds are a sign of real trouble on the horizon. Come to us to nip the problem in the bud.

1.      Banging

You turn on your air conditioner and your home starts to sound like it’s the “scary” track they use to add ambiance to a haunted house—what’s going on? Don’t panic and think that an unpleasant furry little house guest has gotten into your venting system, most of the time, any banging sound that you’re hearing is just a part that’s gotten loose. If this is the case, our experts can repair the issue in no time.

2.      Water Rushing Sounds

This one might be a little out of the ordinary to see included on a list like this. You might be thinking—how in the world could my air conditioner mimic the sound of water running? Well, it’s certainly possible and it’s a clear sign that something has gone awry. The watery sound you’re hearing is your air conditioner trying to operate while it’s battling against an internal leak or an excess amount of condensation.

3.      Loud Operation

Does your air conditioner sound more like a jet engine than an AC these days? Don’t chalk this up to your air conditioner working overtime. In reality, your air conditioner is exerting itself far too much, wasting energy, and moving fast toward a repair or breakdown problem. Loud sounds cause problems fast.

4.      Squeaking

Is your air conditioner driving you nuts because there’s an incessant squeaking sound going on? This is a sign that you probably have a loose part or just an air conditioner that’s absolutely on the fritz. If this is the case, make sure that you turn your AC off and call our professionals as soon as possible.

5.      Grating

If your air conditioner makes a concerning metal on metal sound when it runs, you’re probably dealing with two parts that are completely out of whack within your AC system. Our professionals can take a look inside and make sure that we align your system again. Come to us for what you need.

Contact our team for all your AC needs this summer. We’re the ones who can provide you with stellar service.

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