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Pay Attention to Power Levels in a New AC

Monday, May 29th, 2017


Springtime is the time of year when homeowners give their old air conditioners a thorough look to determine if they can handle another summer of work. If they can’t, then now makes an excellent time to handle a replacement. Doing so lets you take advantage of a newer, more efficient air conditioning in time for summer: saving you money with improved efficiency and other features as well. It also lets you enjoy your summer air conditioning without worrying about an older system breaking down right as the biggest heat water of the year hits.

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Always Trust Professional Plumbers

Monday, May 15th, 2017

professional-plumbing-repairsPlumbing is a fundamental part of our households, and trouble with your plumbing system will eventually crop up. It’s part and parcel of owning a home. Enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers may be tempted to engage in their own plumbing repairs, but in almost every case, that can be a huge mistake. Anything that can’t be solved by judicious use of a plunger should always be attended to by a trusted professional plumber. Why? There are a number of very good reasons.

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Dehumidifiers Can Help You Survive Summer

Monday, May 1st, 2017

dehumidifiers-keep-you-coolSummers come hot here in Pennsylvania, and while the worst of it is still several weeks off, now is the time to start preparing for it. You’ve probably rightfully focused your attention on your air conditioner to keep your house cool and comfortable, and there’s nothing more important to your home in the summer time. But high temperatures aren’t the only problem we face during the warmer months. Humidity levels can also become quite high, and without addressing them adequately, they could seriously complicate your efforts to keep your home happy and healthy this summer.

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