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Schedule a Service Session for Your Air Conditioner

Monday, March 20th, 2017

We’ve had a long and wild winter here in Pennsylvania, but spring has officially arrived, and with it, those cold winter storms will soon give way to high temperatures and higher humidity levels. Now is the perfect time to check your air conditioner out for any signs of trouble, by scheduling a service session from a trained technician. Doing so now gives you several weeks of comparatively cool weather to work with. Not only does that let you schedule the session at a time that is convenient to you, but if further work on your system is needed, you can get it taken care of before you have need of the air conditioner on a regular basis.

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Watch for Problems with Your Water Heater

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Winter can wreak all kinds of havoc with your plumbing, and even when the weather isn’t that cold, it can be easy to overlook the signs of trouble. The water heater, in particular, can sneak up on you with unexpected problems right at the worst possible time. It’s a very quiet appliance as appliances go, and usually does its job without much fuss while tucked away in locations like the basement or garage where you don’t have cause to be very often. When problems arise, they usually indicate something that’s seriously wrong. The sooner you can spot the symptoms of a problem, the better.

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Replace Your Old AC Unit This Spring

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

With the arrival of spring comes higher temperatures, and soon enough summer will be here again. High heat and higher humidity are common during the summer months, and without a reliable air conditioner, your home can turn into an oven very quickly. If your older AC unit is on its last legs and you’re not sure it can handle another season of daily use, now is the time to get it replaced: before it’s needed in earnest and while you still have time to plan and prepare for the operation properly. But is your existing air conditioner truly on its last legs, and what should you look for if you need a replacement? Here’s a few quick tips to help you out.

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